Celebrity DIY Divas Are at it Again!

Celebrity DIY Divas Are at it Again!

This spring, the stars are flaunting a bright penchant for DIY flare! Even the fabulously wealthy need to stretch their crafty wings once in a while.

One of our favorite fashionista’s, Gwen Stefani, has struck up a deal with HP printers as their new spokeswoman. As part of the deal, HP has released lots of fun iron-ons designed by Gwen! Grab your iron and visit the HP website to download her fun designs! You can even configure your virtual style on the Harajuku paper dolls, customized to look like you.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are known for their successful line of girl’s clothing. The infamous twins started out with their own DIY creations, like making t-shirts into tank tops. The Olsen’s will be spending their spring working on a book to pay their respects to fashion designers who have inspired their creativity. Titled ‘Influence’, you can get your hands on it when it is released this fall.

Celebrity DIY Divas
Upcycled Tank Top Tutorial

Where do you get started with creating your own style like these celebrity DIY divas? Find out what you’ll need in your DIY toolbox.

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