“Harajuku Girls, You’ve Got the Wicked Style!”

“Harajuku Girls, You’ve Got the Wicked Style!”
Harajuku Girls
Harajuku Girl flashing a peace sign in Tokyo.

The Harajuku (pronounced Hah-rah-joo-koo) district in Tokyo, Japan is always brimming with outrageous DIY inspiration! Styles are carefully composed by Japanese youth, who put different elements of fashion trends together to craft their own style. They wear their creations each weekend among the upscale Harajuku shops, putting themselves on display like a bunch of chic peacocks.

All of this wild fashion abandon may not suit your style; but it has caught the attention of fashion designers all over the world. Of the most notable, Gwen Stefani is known to keep constant watch on the Harajuku scene (most notably with her afore-quoted ‘Harajuku Girls’ lyrics). The influence of the fashion pioneers has inspired Stefani’s L.A.M.B. collection and such songs as ‘Harajuku Girls’.

The latest Harajuku trend has taken a DIY turn! Our amateur designers are looking cute in such DIY picks as altered T-shirts and handmade belts. Get the Harajuku look yourself by turning a t-shirt into a tank top.

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