Resistor Capacitor Bracelet

Jewelry Made from Computer Parts

Jewelry Made from Computer Parts
Jewelry Made from Computer Parts by Rain Blanken

They say that art imitates life. What better explanation to lend to a blossoming trend of technologically-savvy jewelry. When we wear rose quartz, it is supposed to signify love. Amethyst is said to carry the aura of deep thought. Do microchips and wire connectors then signify good communication?

Crochet Microchip Earrings
Crochet Microchip Earrings by Rain Blanken
Phone Jack Earrings
Phone Jack Earrings by Rain Blanken

Meet the new charms of luck and grace. These man-made gemstones glitter and shine like the real thing. Transparent plastic and metal pieces, as well as sequential numbering are the hallmarks of these modern beads.

Components such as insulators and diodes are easily attached to multicolored wire to create a kind of punk-meets-geek jewelry. The best part is that the computer industry is always updating, creating new ‘beads’ each season. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings..even belts have been crafted from computer guts.

Get in on the geeky fun. Check out these examples of techno jewelry and learn how to make your own phone jack head earrings.

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