Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelet Kit to Go

Friendship Bracelet Kit
Friendship Bracelet Kit

At lunch I often make the short drive home to let my pal Gizmo take a leak and get some dog food in his belly. Today, I deviated from my usual routine of watching The Price is Right in my jammy pants for an hour, and hopped on down to the bookstore with a co-worker instead.

So who knew that a Books & Co. would be such a great source for starter craft projects? Besides the books, they have all of these little gift kits that include books. Made by a plethora of different companies, these kits can teach you sewing, origami, macramé and just about any other craft you can fit in a box.

I picked up a kit for beaded embroidery floss friendship bracelets on sale for five bucks! Expect a tutorial popping up soon on how to make them. Maybe I’ll get started on my next lunch hour with a little help from Gizmo and Drew Carey…

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