Don’t Mess with Beavercreek Ohio

Don’t Mess with Beavercreek Ohio
Itsy Bitsy Beavercreek
Itsy Bitsy Beavercreek

I recently took part in a knit/crochet bombing project here in Beavercreek, Ohio. Working with the local parks department, our group organized local talented knitters/crocheters in the area and created beautiful works to cover dull, uninteresting surfaces like bike racks and poles. We also added to the natural beauty of local trees by adding knit pieces carefully to the trunks.

Beavercreek Yarn Art
Beavercreek Yarn Art Project

Everything was going to be cut away and removed after a few weeks. The idea was to add to the beauty of Beavercreek, and encourage residents to look at things a bit differently. We also wanted to encourage the artistic community, and delight the kids at parks with these whimsical splashes of color.

Unfortunately, some Beavercreek residents took it upon themselves to cut off our work and throw it away. This included one very painstakingly executed piece of mine, which was a TARDIS from Dr. Who. I had affixed it to a square pole at the bike station. In a week, it was gone.

Rain Blanken and TARDIS Yarn Art
Rain Blanken and TARDIS yarn art, last seen on June 6th, before it was stolen.
TARDIS Yarn Art by Rain Blanken
TARDIS Yarn Art by Rain Blanken

I felt robbed, but that is the risk of putting up yarn art like this. Still, I try to picture the thief in my head, hacking at the stitches I carefully counted and earned callouses for. I had worked hard on this, then put it up for the community to enjoy. I did it for my town, and then someone felt the need to destroy that.

Did they keep it? Probably not. All of the other yarn art at that location was removed the same night. Someone probably took scissors to my TARDIS and threw it in a heap with the rest.

I thought at first that young vandals had gotten to the work, but this was happening at nearly all of the dozens of parks that we had set up yarn art at. It became quite clear that an organized effort had been made by the neighbors of these parks to remove the art.

Stolen Yarn Art
Stolen yarn art, last seen at the bike station at Fairfield Rd.
Bicylcle Yarn Art by Rain Blanken
Have you seen this yarn art? Stolen after June 6th

If any of those neighbors ever get to read this, know that we had permission from the parks department. We were trying to encourage the artistic community in a ‘town’ whose town square equates to a mall.

We had every right to try to brighten things up around here and inspire a sense of community, and I’m so sorry that you felt the need to shit all over that.

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