Nail Polish Necklace

Painting with Nail Polish: Buzz Lightyear Infinity Necklace

Just posted a new tutorial on for painting with nail polish. Behold, my Disney nail polish necklace:

The finished nail polish necklace.
The finished nail polish necklace.

Nail polish enamel is a great way to add a shining finish to costume jewelry. I started the project out of necessity, a the original necklace had script that was small and hard to read. Here it is before the paint job:

Nail Polish Necklace Tutorial by Rain Blanken
Painting with Nail Polish: Disney’s Buzz Lightyear ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ necklace by Rain Blanken

The middle of the necklace is painted in OPI’s liquid sand, but the rest is just whatever decorative polish I had lying around:

Painting with Nail Polish
Paint a necklace with nail polish for lasting color.

I added sequins from one of the bottles of confetti polish to dress up the stars on the necklace:

Painting with Nail Polish
Add pieces of sequins to clear polish.

The brushes on the polish bottles will likely be too large for your project, so I suggest using a toothpick for painting.

nail polish necklace
Use a toothpick to remove extra globs of nailpolish from nooks and crannies.

Just remember to be patient and apply a thing coat, beefing it up with additional coats only after the polish is completely dry.

Painting with Nail Polish
Painting with Nail Polish: Nail Polish Necklace Tutorial by Rain Blanken


Rain Models her Nail Polish Necklace
Rain in her brand-spankin new nail polish necklace. To Infinity! And Beyond!

For the complete tutorial, visit…

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