St. Patricks Day Shamrock Magic!

St. Patricks Day Shamrock Magic!

Sometimes jewelry is the gift that keeps on giving. Last year, my husband bought me this glittering shamrock necklace from

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…because I’m fairly Irish. I’ve got the red hair, a nice undead sheen to my skin, and a penchant for holding my liquor that no 127 lb lady should possess. Since my husband is mostly a mutt, he loves that I have some kind of culture in the ol’ background. Today, I posted my glittering shamrock necklace to Instagram:

In the Facebook post version of this (which I try to change up now, since people on Facebook hate seeing a lot of hashtags), I thanked Mr. T for my lovely necklace. This evening, what should appear in front of me for my trouble?

St. Pattys Day Drinks
St. Pattys Day Drinks!

Mine is the darker one… just whiskey and water with a bit of green. The husband’s is a gin and tonic, which works much better with the food coloring. I was so jealous of his pretty drink that for a second, I almost wished that whiskey was fizzy. Just for a second.

Did you enjoy the effort I made by putting a piece of copy paper on the table? See how much I love you? Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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