Female Tusken Raider Bib: Day Three

Female Tusken Raider Bib: Day Three
Female Tusken Masks
This is what we will be working on today.

Last time, I finished paper macheing my armor plate pieces and creating basic elements of the female Tusken Raider bib.

Today, I’ll be tackling some of the (only) details.

Armor Plate Bezels

To create the metal bezels on the face of each plate, I first traced one of my cardboard pieces into my notebook. Then, I sketched what looked like the right size bezel onto the tracing.

I wanted the bezels to be identical, so I thought that creating a mold would work best.

Tusken Raider Armor
I am not a robot, so I made a mold out of Sculpey for identical bezels.

I created a mold from white Sculpey by tracing my drawn oval with graphite pencil, then pressing a cube of Sculpey onto the oval. This transferred the exact oval size onto the Sculpey! I then carved out the oval to the depth that I thought looked good. I totally eyeballed it.

Tusken Raider Armor
My female tusken bezels made via mold. Apparently by ‘ain Blanken’

For the bezels, I decided that the Crayola Model Magic would work best. They sell it in ‘single packs’, so you don’t have to buy much. It is easy to mold and dries lightweight. I have muscle issues, so the last thing I wanted was to be weighed down by this armor bib. Making everything as lightweight as possible is a theme that you’ll notice in my work.

Bezel measurements are 1″ wide, 1/2″ tall, 3/8″ high

Female Tusken Build
Lots of bezels drying on my notebook.

I didn’t fire my Sculpey mold before using it to mass produce the bezels. I didn’t need to, because the Model Magic was so much softer than the Sculpey. I did wipe some oil on the mold before each impression, to keep the Model Magic from sticking. This made it a lot easier to remove the Model Magic from the mold after pressing.

So far, I’m loving the Model Magic to make simple costume elements. It can get damaged easily, but Tusken Raiders are grungy, anyhoo. My mold wasn’t perfect at first, but I was able to experiment with the Model Magic, and then dig my mold a little deeper.

Think my bezels will survive Marcon?

Right now, all of my armor plate pieces are sculpted and ready to be painted!

Female Tusken Build
All parts paper mache’d and ready for painting!

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