Female Tusken Raider Costume Scratch Build

The husband (I call him Mr. T) and I are finally headed back to MARCON! The Multiple Alternative Realities Convention occurs each year in Columbus, Ohio at the Hyatt Regency Columbus. It is shamefully little-known, as I consider it to be one of the best conventions out there! There will be an Iron Costumer event, dances, game shows, a masquerade, and even a Welcome to Night Vale panel.

The planning for this year’s MARCon coincided with a deep addiction to Tiny Death Star. Soon, I had a hankering to go as a Tusken Raider. I had originally planned on creating a male Tusken, but soon decided that the female Tusken Raider outfit was a challenge I couldn’t resist. Now, I’m creating a female Tusken Raider, and Mr. T will go as my gaffi-stick-wielding better half.

Reference Photos:

Female Tusken Raider Costume

Female Tusken Raider Costume

Female Tusken Raider Costume

Female Tusken Raider Costume

The Female Tusken Raiders appeared only in Episode II. Since I’m somewhat obsessed with creating and wearing non-sexy costumes, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to cover everything up. Nah, the real reason is that I just had to make that helmet and armor. There are some ready-made helmet and armor plate kits that you can buy, and that’s fine for with extra money and not a lot of time, but for me, it felt like a cop-out. I’ve got the time and ability to make it with my own hands, so I’m going to do just that.

My mind-meld with the Tuskens began as many of my projects do- with paper mache! Paper Mache is my answer to most construction problems. I’ve created everything from giant mascot heads to huge fruit on stakes. If it’s solid and weird, I can mache it.

I took photos of each step of my female Tusken Raider build, so I’ve separated this post into various costume parts to post my progress.

Female Tusken Raider Costume Tutorials:

Helmet – In progress [ See construction photos ]

Tusken Raider Helmet Build

Progress: Still paper macheing

 Armor Bib- In progress [ See construction photos ]

Tusken Raider Armor Layout

My Tusken Raider armor layout, all cardboard pieces.

  • Skirt- In progress [ See construction photos ]
  • Shawl- In progress [ See construction photos ]
  • Wrappings- In progress [ See construction photos ]
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