Female Tusken Raider Mask – Day 2

Female Tusken Raider Mask – Day 2
Female Tusken Raider Helmet
This is the part we are working on today.

Previously, I created the shell for my female Tusken Raider mask by adding clay and bits of paper to Melissa, my Styrofoam mannequin.

Day Two

I let my first helmet layer dry overnight, then removed it from Melissa’s face. My clay wedges and newspaper bits worked great! I had the basic helmet shape that I needed to build upon.

I looked at my reference photos and figured that I would need more helmet shape on the sides. For these, I cut up a Disney flier that came in the mail. Save stiff paper like this, it really comes in handy to add structure to paper mache projects. This is the same material I used for the ‘bone’ parts on the upper bib.

I traced my side pieces out in my journal and so that you could print this little pattern piece and trace it on paper. It should print at the right size:

Tusken Raider Helmet Pattern
Tusken Raider helmet side piece pattern

Here is the additional paper pieces glued to my helmet base:

Tusken Raider Helmet Tutorial
I added stiff paper to the dried helmet to extend the sides.

While these dried, I played around with a Sharpie to loosely sketch some landmarks on my base. I’ll paper mache over this bit, but it helped me to get familiar with all of the necessary lines and where everything is going to be, later.

Tusken Raider Helmet Build
The near-finished helmet base with loose sketches of detail.

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