How to Tie Dye, What to Tie Dye, and How Some More

How to Tie Dye, What to Tie Dye, and How Some More

Back in 2008, wrote an article for on the basics of tie dying. Six years later, all three of my kids have not only learned how to tie dye- they have dyed everything from socks to scarves. I’d say we milked this craft for all it’s worth.

Still, I’m willing to bet that I haven’t seen the last of my tie-dying days. I’ve got far too many hippie friends to keep my hands out of the dye for long.

Here is a collection of my many articles on how to tie dye:

Ways to Tie Dye
DIY tie dye tutorial from Rain Blanken

DIY Tie Dye: This article tells you how to properly prepare clothing before dying, includes several tying techniques, and instructs on what type of dye to use.

HIstory of Tie Dye
Tie dye: ancient, and I don’t meant the 60’s.

The Early History of Tie Dye: Where did tie dye come from? Did you realize that this fun outdoor activity is actually an ancient practice?

How to Tie Dye
Watch the foot!

What is Fiber Reactive Dye? Have you ever wondered why tie dye won’t completely wash out of clothes? Learn more about the chemical reaction happening in your favorite shirt.

Ways to Tie Dye
What kind of fabric can you tie dye?

Which fabrics are best for tie dying? Learn what type of fabrics take fiber reactive dye the best, and why t-shirts are such a popular choice.

Crumple Dye Tutorial
Crumple Dye Tutorial

Crumple Dye: Create a cool marbled effect. This is the easy dip-dye method that I used to create the scarf for my Zhaan costume… in fact, that’s my scarf in this tutorial!

Do you have a favorite tie dye method? I want to try to dye shapes, next. I’ve seen it done in a few online tutorials, and I’m ready to turn my fingers green, again.

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