Detail of R2D2

Star Wars Shoes: Painted Heels by Rain Blanken

Star Wars Shoes by Rain Blanken
Star Wars Shoes by Rain Blanken

Recently, I created a pair of painted heels for These started out as a simple sunset, but it didn’t take long for me to start flailing and making ridiculous claims about two suns being better than one. This is how most of my projects start… good idea, followed by bigger idea, followed by impossible idea. Luckily, I could tackle this one.

For the full tutorial, visit my DIY Painted Heels article on


Paint on Heels Rain Blanken
Chinese Laundry heels before my Tatooine paint job.


Painting on Vogue
My Vogue Palette… gotta do something with those old issues!
Tatooine Sunrise Heels
Painting the twin suns on my soles.

Finished Heels:

Detail of R2D2
Detail of R2D2. He’s so freakin adorable!
Star Wars Shoes by Rain Blanken
The finished Star Was painted heels by Rain.
DIY Painted Heels Tutorial
DIY Painted Heels Tutorial at

Get the Full Tutorial: DIY Painted Heels at

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