DIY Reversible Cape by Ash

DIY Reversible Cape by Ash
Reversible Cape Tutorial
Reversible Cape by Ash

For each tutorial I publish, I add our ‘Upload a Photo‘ link so that readers like you can post the results. It helps me to know if a tutorial works, and offers first-person experience for the next reader who tries the instructions.

To the reader, apparently this translates to, ‘I CHALLENGE THEE TO A DUEL’. It’s like I took off my glove and slapped ya across the face with it. You guys are always outdoing me! I feel like you didn’t even want a pop tab bracelet last summer. You just wanted to blow me out of the water.

Well, ya got me again. After following my simple hooded cape tutorial, DIY Fashion reader Ash decided to put me in my place by making her cape reversible. This is another one of those moments when I look at your submissions and go ‘Doh! Why didn’t I think of that!’. Yes, behold, a reversible, shimmering, huge-hooded cape:

Reversible Cape
Reversible Cape by Ash

Then look at my brown one.

Rain’s Cape:

DIY Cape Tutorial
DIY Cape Tutorial by Rain, decidedly not reversible.

Yeah. If you reverse it… you get more brown! Ash really handed my ass to me on this one. Nice work!

To get some tips from Ash (clearly I needed ’em) check out photos of her reversible cape and read about her project experience.

See, I’m on to you, now. I’m steppin it up a notch. I might even buy special lights to photograph my craftiness. It’s on like Donkey Kong, readers.

Think you made it better than me? Share a photo of your DIY Fashion creation, and tell us all about it. I’ll post your photo on the tutorial so that you can properly shame me in front of the next reader.

This post originally appeared on’s DIY Fashion site before they removed their blog.

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