iTunes Customer Service SUCKS

iTunes Customer Service SUCKS

The following may or may not be an educational rant.

Yesterday, there were two charges on my bank account in the amounts of $24.45 and $45.72. I don’t have an iTunes account attached to my bank. I call bank, dispute, cancel card. Bank says call Apple to get a refund. Kay.

Bank charge info says this: “Visa Purchase (Non-pin) Apl*apple Itunes: 866-712-7753ca“. So I call the number. I’m met with a damn recording that tells me what internet address to go to, so I can email them.

Hooboy. I looked up an Apple Tech Support number and called in an attempt to get a human. The human informed me that iTunes has no call service for customer service.


So, let me get this straight. If your company grows into a giant conglomerate, it is suddenly just fine and dandy to offer absolutely NO phone customer service.

Hear ye, hear ye, iTunes now resides in an ivory tower, where no such dirty buggers like me should be permitted to speak to them. iTunes is now so powerful that their customer service calls akin to hearing the voice of God, and Apple is simply protecting our heads from explosion. 

I sent in my request through apple’s online support form, thusly: “My credit card, one I have NOT, not ever have had attached to ANY iTunes account, has been charged in the amounts of $24.45 on 8/5/11 and $45.72 on 8/1/11. This is a Visa credit card ending in the numbers 9485, in the name of Lorain Blanken.”

The next day, I get a note from iTunes ‘Customer Service’:

I understand that you are concerned about the charges which were made using your credit card(9485) on iTunes Store without your knowledge. I know it is of significant concern whenever something unusual happens on your account. Be assured, I will do my best to address the issue for you.

I’m sorry, but the iTunes Store normally doesn’t provide assistance by telephone. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have via email about your account, billing issues, downloading items.

Lorain, I have looked over your iTunes account and confirmed that these charges did not originate from “s—[email protected]“.  This indicates that your credit card is established on another iTunes Store account or someone with a joint credit card is using it on their iTunes account. With that in mind I have searched our records for such an account and have located one that appears to have your credit card attached to it.  Further the charges you have specified appear on this account.

In my experience, I can tell you that if this was an online identity thief they would likely be spending far more than what has been charged to date. Often in situations like this, it turns out to be a misunderstanding between family members.

I can certainly disable this account and ban your credit card from further use in the iTunes Store but I would first like to offer you some information to help determine if this was a simple misunderstanding.

Due to our privacy policy I cannot reveal the entire account ID, or any of the items purchased, but I can give you the first 5 characters of the responsible ID.

They are:  “erydf”

If this looks familiar to you I would ask that you check with members of your family or any friends that may have access to your card, just to make sure that there hasn’t been a misunderstanding about the use of your card in the iTunes Store.

If this does not look familiar, or you can confirm that nobody else you know has used your card in the iTunes Store, I urge you to contact your financial institution as soon as possible to inquire about canceling the card or account and removing the unauthorized transactions. You should also ask them to launch an investigation into the security of your account, and if possible to issue a chargeback for the purchases in question.

Lorain, if the account belongs to you, then I would suggest you to review your account purchase history to see the items you were charged for.

Sherry, I look forward for your reply. You are a valuable customer of iTunes so meeting and exceeding your expectations are my top priorities.


Not really. Here is what I sent:

The account “erydf” is not mine, a family members or a friends. This is fraud. I already contacted my financial institution, and they advised me to contact Apple to have the charges removed.
I alone use this credit card, there is no other card holder. My account, as you have mentioned, is under s—–, where I am a loyal customer with a different credit card.
It is clear here that this is not an account that was opened by me. Perhaps it is your experience that fraud cases charge larger amounts, but that is inconsequential here.
The card was never authorized to be used here. It doesn’t matter how much they charged, there should be NO CHARGE on this account. There is NO misunderstanding. The “erydf” itunes account was never authorized to use this card.
I am asking for a full refund. I am the owner of the credit card, telling you these were not authorized. You know I already have another account, and that this card is not attached to it. That is all the evidence you need. Whoever owns this account should have legal action taken against them. They are crooks!
What are you going to do about it? Their user name should be shut down and all funds returned to me. You need to get their contact and report them to the authorities, because they just tried to rob me.
Looking forward to your reply,
Lorain Blanken

The reply:

Lorain, after reviewing the circumstances of your case, we determined that issuing you a refund for the items that were purchased without your permission is an appropriate exception to the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions, which state that all sales are final. A refund in the amount of $70.17 will be credited in five to seven business days to the card used to pay for the order.
So, just to make things clear, there are no sour grapes on my part. This post isn’t me shaking my fist at the fact that I’m out 70 bucks. I got my money back. What I’m angry about is the fact that you can’t get a damn human at iTunes.
And when you do get one, they think your name is Sherry. I spent a day of my life believing I wouldn’t get my stupid money back, just because these guys can’t be bothered with actually talking to their customers. I wanted to post this in hopes that someone can use the numbers below, or at the least, add another ‘iTunes customer service sucks’ post to the virtual chorus below.

The moral of the story is that iTunes does not live in the good ol’ days of human-to-human live customer service. At all. It doesn’t exist.

If you have a bad experience via email, it’s just too bad, I don’t know what you can do from there… except call these numbers and annoy the shit out of real people who can’t do anything about it. This method worked for me when I annoyed the shit out of Valve customer service until someone called be back, but I doubt it’ll work at a giant like Apple:

Numbers that aren’t worth two shits:

The Apple phone number,1-800-MY-APPLE (1-800-692-7753) is useless for customer service issues, as is 1-800-676-2775 and 866-712-775.

A couple of direct lines that may be of some assistance in bothering representatives: 

Apple Computer Customer Service: 512-674-2000

Apple HQ: 1-408-996-1010

North American Corporate Contacts:

United States
Apple Disability Solutions (800) 767-2775
Apple Enterprise Sales (877) 412-7753
Apple Financial Services (800) APPLE-LN (800-277-5356)
Apple Government Sales (877) 412-7753
Apple Promotions/Rebates (877) 4-APL-PROMO (877-427-5776)
Apple Public Relations (408) 974-2042
Apple Software and Volume Licensing (800) 793-2378
Apple Software Upgrade Center (888) 840-8433
Apple Store (Education – Individuals) (800) 780-5009
Apple Store (Education – Schools) (800) 800-2775
Reseller Referral (Resellers, Trainers, Consultants) (800) 538-9696

This guy found a human’s number, it might just be tech support, but worth a try:

During my quest for an iTunes human, I found the above numbers, mostly in panicked or angry posts around the interwebs. My situation wasn’t rare. There are a lot of fraud victims out there, or people who just plain need help out of this bastard company, that aren’t happy.

Here are a bunch of firstperson run-ins with iTunes ‘customer service’: