Protecting Your Skin in Style

Protecting Your Skin in Style

Not too long ago, I was Teenage Mutant Ninja Rain, who neglected to plan for Twenty’s Corporate Stooge Rain. I acquired a tattoo on my arm that needs to be covered to fit a business-casual dress code, which cuts into my fashion choices at the office.

With some luck, I’ll be Wise-Old Rain one day (instead of just Wise-Ass Rain), and I’ll have to be her just as much as I’ll soon have to be Thirty’s-Can’t-I-Retire-Yet Rain. While I’m not getting anymore tattoos, I do need to start paying special attention to the skin on my face, neck and shoulders.

Saving your skin from the sun has more to do with future planning than trying not to turn red and crusty for a week. Do yourself a favor — wear stylish beach wraps and enough sunscreen so that Future You doesn’t have to invest in a keg of wrinkle cream. She’ll thank you for it in twenty years.

Here are a few great ways to stay sun safe without looking like a dork at the beach. These DIYs and advice were put together by a few of my writer friends that I’m giving a lil link love to:

  • Crochet a Beach Wrap – These short capes are in and can be made out of a yarn that matches your suit or sandals.
  • Wear Sunblock Every Day – If you wear a light sunblock on your face everyday of the year, an occasional burn at the beach won’t have too much impact. Work it into your makeup routine.
  • Go Kitschy Vintage with a Floppy Hat – Audrey Hepburn had it right. Wearing a glamorous floppy hat will instantly transform a bikini and sandals into a crafted style. Make your own to perfectly coordinate.

Update: Rain is nearly in her 40’s and still lookin fine. These methods work, people!

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