The Scariest Scene in Ghostbusters

The Scariest Scene in Ghostbusters

We saw Ghostbusters in the theater tonight to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original release. When Dana Barrett’s apartment interior was 20-feet tall in front of us, the horrific details really showed. It dawned on us that this is the scariest scene in Ghostbusters, and will truly be the most haunting part of the movie, because you’ll look for it every time thereafter.

You’ll know it when you see it:

scariest-ghostbusters-momenThere is an incredibly creepy entity in this scene. Dana and Peter don’t seem to notice, even though Peter brought one of his technical toys. Can you find it?

Hint: It’s not the puke pink furniture.

scary-ghostbuster-sceneEh? Hint: “They hate this.”

scary-ghostbuster-ghostLook at Venkman. He can’t believe this shit. Do you see it, yet?

ghostbusters-ghostYep, this is going to ruin this scene for you forever. Can’t un-see it. Sorry. OH, you see him, don’t you! Here comes our little creepy friend…

Best part is, this thing comes prominently into frame after Dana tells Peter he’s ‘so odd‘. Right. Lady, you’re the weirdo that sought out and purchased an evil fat-man-tophat-head-on-a-stick. How Bill Murray didn’t zero in on this thing and improv it into the annals of film history is beyond me.

Worst part: If she plays that piano, she’s staring him right in the face the entire time. The entire time. Here comes a sonata, while I stare you dead in the face, classy disembodied head. Till I’m done with the song. Just your face, and this mirror. Your face, my face. Your face. My face.

Imagine Gozer the Gozerian sees that shit happening late one Tuesday night. Any wonder she was hand-picked to bring on the apocalypse? I’d hire her, too, after seeing that, jeez. Fry that lady up some eggs on the countertop, Gozey; she’s primed for possession.

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