Don’t Sell Out… Said Getty Images?

Don’t Sell Out… Said Getty Images?

Today I admitted defeat against the wants of the masses and signed into Getty images to find a photo of Kim Kardashian. I was going to turn to the dark side and compose a list of Top Ten Winter Outfits You Can’t Live Without. You won’t believe what number five is! The fourth one will make you cry! #9 will make you kill your family!

Then, Getty bitch-slapped the integrity right back into me:
WTF CaptchaMy thanks to Getty Images, the most unlikely of moral compasses.

For me, it’s back to dreaming up corn syrup blood recipes and Pantone color-matching Jedi robe fabrics! I have to wonder, though, is it a wonderful miracle when Getty is the Jiminy Cricket of the internet, or is that for sure a heralding sign of the apocalypse? *shrug*

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