Pokemon Go! at Disney World FAQ

Pokemon Go! at Disney World FAQ


Pokemon Go at Disney World

Pokemon Go is exploding all over the country, and Walt Disney World is no exception. Learn where to find the most rare Pokemon in Magic Kingdom, where you can sit and eat inside three lured Pokestops, and most of all, where NOT to go.

Choose a location to learn more about playing Pokemon Go! at Disney World:

Pokemon Go Magic Kingdom
Pokemon Go at Magic Kingdom
Pokemon Go Epcot
Pokemon Go at Epcot
Pokemon Go Animal Kingdom
Pokemon Go at Animal Kingdom
Pokemon Hollywood Studios
Pokemon at Hollywood Studios

Where can I find the most rare Pokemon at Disney World?

Magic Kingdom and Epcot have so far been the most sighted for potential rare Pokemon. Check the guide to Pokemon at Disney World for rare Pokemon at each park.

What about the crowds?

Be courteous while playing Pokemon at Disney World. Families save up all year to take this vacation, so don’t do the zombie-like Pokewalk across the parks. Pull over to the side of the road where you’re out of the way while you try to catch a pokemon. If you have the AR camera turned off, you have all day to catch that Pokemon without having to stay in the same place, so get out of the way.

What are the best times to play Pokemon Go at Disney World?

Considering the ticket price to get into the parks, you should maximize your dollar by enjoying the environment you paid to be in. That said, downtime is the best time for Pokemon Go. You’ll be waiting in plenty of lines and you’ve got your evenings at the resorts to go on a hunt. There is really no need to try to hunt down Pokemon ‘between rides’ or during a fantastic character dinner with your friends and family.

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