I Want a New Bra Lyrics, Parody of I Want a New Drug and also Boob Memes

I Want a New Bra Lyrics, Parody of I Want a New Drug and also Boob Memes

‘I Want a New Bra’ to the tune of  ‘I Want a New Drug‘ by Huey Lewis And The News. Bold words are where I think Huey would really punch it up.

Here is the video to listen along with:


I want a new bra, one that won’t pinch my back
Somethin nice to hold my boobs up, Cotton, silk, with real smooth straps

bra meme mean girls

I want a new bra, cause I only own two
One I’ll wear for about 3 weeks, And tell myself, ‘I’ll wash it soon

[chorus] Don’t wanna pay alotta money, But the best ones cost a few
Testing bounce and feeeeeel in the fiiiitting rooooom
…in a pink fitting room

bra meme mad men

I want a new bra, One that won’t make me sweat
But not if it hooks in front, that plastic snap digs in my chest
I want a new bra, one that feels like air
Impossible to detect it, easy to unhook back there

office bra meme[chorus] Momma said I should wear one, but I’m not sure why I do
Is cup size is just a number made up by some dudes?
Bra-less miiight be cool, (not sure if I’m that coooool, baby…)

Bra Meme Zoidberg

[jam out to the bridge and jump out of a helicopter]

boob bounce meme

[more bridge jammin’]

one boob at a time meme

[listen to them horns!]

boob jail meme

I want a new bra, one that does what it should
Make this body look like a lady, pull them boulders up real good
I want a new bra, one that looks real hot
But I’d like to fall asleep in it, so underwire- maybe not

[chorus] One that will last forever
And acts as a wallet, too
Strapless is a gamble, but my shoulder game is good
Braless might be cool. (Braless might be cool, yeah yeah…)

strapless bra meme

[bridge again, outro]

bra meme

Publishing this post assists in validating the hours of procrastination I have spent making up lyrics ala Weird Al and looking up bouncy memes. Writing fun things about boobs is a great way to put off writing about very real things that have actual deadlines. Thank you for your support.








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