LED Hula Hoop

LED Hula Hoop

Just finishing helping my friend Nikki put together a hula hoop using an LED hoop kit and instructions from ProdMod. I did a lot of watching and avoiding tasks that might lead to ruining the wiring.

LED Hula HoopI am happy to report that we did some scary soldering and didn’t burn the shit out of ourselves.
LED Hula HoopNow Nikki is not only a crazy good hula hooper, but also an electrician. Most of the photos looked like a light monster with feet.LED Hula HoopThe successful assembly of the hoop culminated in celebratory 1am driveway hooping and slow shutter photo session.
Tossing the hoop in the air reaped some interesting photos. The hoop shines white when not in motion. As it moves by, your eyes pick out the flashing purple, red, blue and green colors in the lights. It’s at this moment that I wish I had my old Kodak. :/
LED Hula Hoop PhotoNow she’s ready for festival season… and to mesmerize hippies across the nation!

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What is it Like to Work at Great Wolf Lodge?

This Sunday, Great Wolf Lodge CEO Kim Schaefer will be experiencing all that our favorite indoor waterpark resort has to offer… that is, working the front lines in the restaurants, yelping at Cub Club and taking on the responsibilities of the Aquatics Director.

Sounds like fun, right? She will be appearing on Undercover Boss, the CBS series that show bosses learning more about thier businesses by experiencing them from the ground up.

We caught up with Jason Arthur, the real life Aquatics Director for Great Wolf Lodge in Mason. Jason was happy to share some behind-the-scenes information on what it is like to tame the waters, and also let us in on a few waterpark facts we’ve been wondering about. Read the full article…

Kings Island Halloween Haunt Review

In 2010, Kings Island is offering up another season of terror during the Halloween Haunt. Twelve themed haunts await the bravest of park guests, with an unpredictable mass of scare actors roaming the darkened paths in between.

Hopefully the scoop on each Haunt will help your group to decide which attractions might be more worth your while. The Halloween Haunt can yield big crowds. on Friday and Saturday nights, lines can be half an hour to an hour long, meaning guests have to pick which haunts they are willing to stand in line for. This year, I attended the haunt with three very different critics who were each looking for different qualities in the haunts. 

In this article we reviewed all the haunts:

See photos and read the full review of each haunt…

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Kings Island Halloween Haunt

As we get closer to the weekend, I am getting more and more psyched (we can still say ‘psyched, can’t we?) over the Kings Island Halloween Haunt. I am headed there on Friday, and if last year is any indication, this is going to be a sweet time.

There will be one major difference at the Halloween Haunt this year. Midgets! Well, I know that ‘midget’ isn’t the politically correct term, but this band of enterprising little people have been using that term themselves, so I’m going with it. The ‘Half-Pint Brawlers’ will be beating each other bloody (with the tagline ‘Who Wants to See a Midget Bleed?’) to the delight of Haunt attendees.

Bring on the killer clowns, wolves and don’t forget the brews. I’m ready.

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Setting the Bar Higher: Aulani Resort vs. Polynesian

Aulani main lobby rendering. ©Disney

Twenty miles west of Waikiki, there is a lot of dust being thrown up. The area might look like a construction site, but this isn’t just any dust. It’s pixie dust.
The new Aulani Resort and Spa in Ko Olina promises to have all the amenities… including Disney magic. But doesn’t Disney already have a Hawaiian resort?