This is What I Would Do:

This is why I like Ellen so much, not just because she was part of that REALLY WEIRD ride at Disney World (She fought animatronic dinosaurs, hung out with her neighbor- Bill Nye and competed against Jaime Lee Curtis on Jeopardy. I sat in a giant boat the whole time with my family and learned […]

Blog Comment Marathon 2008

For 8 hours, starting right NOW, I’m running an end-of-year blog comment marathon. I’m going to be planted right here with my two dogs until 6:30 PM, commenting on every blog that crosses my path. Leave me your blog address and I’ll stop by, first come first serve before the 8 hours is up. I’ll […]

Wordless Wednesday

more wordless wednesday~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ People think they are so hilarious when they say ‘See ya next year!’What’s your favorite cheesy new years line? Follow Rain on Twitter

Things I Tried in 2008

I was in the bathroom without a book, so I started to reflect on my 2008 accomplishments. That took just a couple of seconds, so instead of reading the back of the shampoo bottle, I started to instead think up some of the new stuff I tried in 2008. I forgot it, so I’m thinking […]


Perhaps I’ve been brainwashed by the Hannah Montana Fat Heads lining the walls of E’s room. No, it’s not that, this is a genuinely really good song. Miley Cyrus, Someday At first I thought she didn’t write it because it is so delightfully 80’s in nature. Listen to it without thinking about Disney super bubble […]

Brian Posehn Ruins Another Dinner

So, Brian Posehn has this great routine where he’s talking about some cute chick, maybe his wife, I don’t know. He launches into this hilarious comparison of himself to a bunch of farts, like he’s a man made of farts. Farts in disguise. Farts in a man suit. Something to that effect. I tried my […]

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!

Last night at about 10 I was wrapping up a few loose ends online when Mr. T handed me a fizzy orange drink with cute little heart ice cubes in it. I was busy, so my autopilot said ‘Ok, me drink!’ There is a reason that I have a standard line of questioning when Mr. […]

Twitter Tweet

I was just coaxed into using Twitter by my awesome co-worker Vanessa. She’s awesome for lots of reasons, but introducing me to Twitter really hiked her up there. To those not Twitter-iffic yet, I think I would describe it like standing in a room full of people at a big fancy networking party. Everyone is […]

Here Comes the Damn Bride

Last night Mr. T gave me a smooch and E thought it would be funny to start playing the wedding march on her new keyboard. I couldn’t help but bust out laughing and I’m pretty sure I spit on his face. It looks like I need to get this wedding thing in gear and grease […]

Upcycled Coaster Desk Calendar

I’ve got Kotibeth on my Twitter and she’s just let it slip that her upcycled coaster desk calendars are going for five bucks and no shipping cost. Yep, they’re made out of coasters. Best $5.00 calendar? I think so. Follow Rain on Twitter