Right Now at DIY Fashion: Barack and Michelle Obama Planner

If you’ve been tuning in lately then you’ve witnessed the decoupage kick that I’ve been wrestling with for the past couple of months. Lately on Etsy, I found a few items to refuel the fire. Here is a day planner made by ‘creatini‘ that displays one of my favorite images, the fist-bump between Barack and […]

Is this Vegas?

So, lately I’ve been trying to avoid taking the dogs out in the morning. It is in the best interest of my warm toes that I pretend to be asleep or critically low on coffee intake until Mr. T lets the dogs out. This morning I looked outside and our carport was covered in wet. […]

Mr. T and the Plasma Screen

This year, instead of trading presents like normal, I turned to Mr. T one day and said, “Hey, I’ll buy you a wall mount if you buy me a flat screen TV.” At the time, we were sitting in front of out current hulk of a projection TV that we snagged off of Craigs List […]

Celebrate Good Times, C’mon…

So, I don’t really celebrate the birth of Christ. I think he was probably a great guy and all, but I’m with the Jews on that one. I can’t bring myself to dance around and call him our very own Hercules. I do, however, celebrate the scientific and historical part of the season, which would […]

About.com Etsy Friday: Cassette Tape iPod Nano Cases

From About.com: I came across these cute iPod Nano cases by Etsy user SquirrelsNest. Made of wool and felt, they are for the latest teeny-tiny iPod Nano’s, and look like mini cassette tapes! My favorite color is the green one, what’s yours? Follow Rain on Twitter

Courtney Love’s Favorite Etsy Folks

I don’t give a rats ass about what Courtney Love’s favorite brand of cocaine is, much less her favorite handcrafted earrings. I do like to promote handcrafted goods, though. Here’s the rundown on Courtney’s picks: darksugarboudoir Boringsidney PostGateJewelers JohnsBasketCase LaCamelot lamplighter SkyDreams Edera cutiedynamite allaboutpretty MyRusticRose Follow Rain on Twitter

Right Now at DIY Fashion: How to Make a Santa Costume

When it comes to dressing up like Santa, making your own costume far outweighs the potential cost of renting. First of all, you don’t know what the person before you did in that rented Santa suit. Second, a Santa suit is simply comprised of a jacket, pants and a hat. You can…Read More at DIY […]

Right Now at DIY Fashion: Seersucker Skirt

I was cruising Etsy a little late today, so this blog post is going up post-coffee (sorry!). The good part about that is that I’ve had my coffee, so I can get really excited about the cool clothes I’ve been browsing through. Etsy user ‘walkingcanvas‘ makes clothes that remind me of the old McCalls patterns […]