Decoupage Phone Case

The Three Emotional Stages of Reading Vogue

Decoupage Phone Case
Cutting up Vogue for the sake of my own dime-store fashion.

I recently created a decoupage glitter phone case by mining expensive patterns from Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Pierre Hardy from the latest Vogue. I’m pretty sure it’s what Anna Wintour intended when she gathered these full-color photos of expensive fabrics. Thanks!

Having recently visited the Vogue offices in NYC, perhaps this lent me an ounce of self-awareness. I soon realized I was cycling through what I now call the Three Emotional Stages of Reading Vogue.

The Three Emotional Stages of Reading Vogue

Stage One

The first emotional stage of reading Vogue isĀ  Judgement. This superficial step requires a pen, and is where one turns into a poor man’s Tim Gunn. Half of the fashions get an ‘Oh honey, no‘. The other half create a bulging-eye and drool affliction akin to an anime character in love. Flipping through Vogue involves the most bipolar emotions that one can experience.

  • Example: I am the GOD of fashion. I, and only I, will decide who gets a mustache and who doesn’t in this rag! Those shoes are my new heart! That girl had her makeup applied with a shotgun!

This stage is optimized by reading with a friend, preferably a tween.

Stage Two

The second emotional stage of reading Vogue goes deeper, and is straight-up Self-Loathing.

  • Example: Why can’t I afford a nice Michael Kors bag? Do you realize that there are pop stars half my age that have a pile of these on the floor of their maid’s bathroom? They probably wipe their butts with scarves from Coach. Maybe not regularly, but in the history of time and space, some twerp celebrity has done this at least once in the VIP area of a club I could never get into. I had so many dreams of stardom in my youth. Dreams that flat-lined into a life of mediocrity and 9-to-5 imprisonment. Never mind, Michael Kors, I don’t deserve you. This model needs a devil beard…

Once you have shed most of your self-esteem, it is imperative that you power through the celebrity interview and move on to the next stage. Whatever you do, don’t put down the Vogue while in the throes of Self-Loathing.

Stage Three

Luckily, the third emotional stage of reading Vogue is Blinding Inspiration (or, Sour Grapes). Only out of the ashes of self-loathing can we emerge as the phoenix to creative rebirth! This is the point where one decides that they somehow don’t want to be able to afford those gorgeous Manolo Blahniks because, dammit, you could make that look yourself. We begin to view Vogue as part of the man-made fashion machine, and pat ourselves on the back for gleaning inspiration for our own genius from those all-too-glossy pages.

  • Example: Who are these fools that spend so much on mere accessories?! I’m so Jedi for making such a zen decision about the value of material objects. I could make all of this crap in my sleep. SO FRUGAL! CREATIVE, WOW!
Caution: Never stop reading an issue of Vogue until you’ve reached this final creative renaissance of spite and indignity. If the process is interrupted, you’ll be stuck back on Self Loathing for, eh, maybe a day. To quickly cure an interrupted Vogue session, read something by Rachel Dratch or splurge on a top-tier appetizer at Chili’s. Dollah dollah bills, ya’ll!

Once I reach the last stage, I have been successfully spit out of the back cover of Vogue and I’m ready to start creating. I can now fully appreciate the work of the designers within as I move forward with my own style via the inspiration they provided. Which is what I think Vogue should be all about.

DIY Glitter Phone Case

Prada Your Phone: DIY Decoupage Phone Case Tutorial

DIY Decoupage Phone Case Tutorial
DIY Decoupage Phone Case tutorial by Rain Blanken

DIY Decoupage Phone Case Tutorial

I was recently challenged to create a killer glitter phone case tutorial for But what is there to a glitter phone case tutorial? Add glitter to glue, then apply to phone case. Let dry. Not exactly the most informative or exciting read. Instead, I added a decoupage element to my case that adds this season’s hottest Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Pierre Hardy patterns to my phone case.. without the designer price tag.


DIY Decoupage Phone Case Tutorial
Everything you’ll need to refashion your phone case. Just like Anna Wintour intended?
Decoupage Phone Case
Cutting up Vogue for the sake of my own fashion.

The phone case was my blank canvas, so right away, I set out on an inspirational hunt through Vogue. I cycled through what I call The Three Stages of Vogue Readership, and came out the other side with lots of inspiration.

Mixing Glitter Glue
Wasting glitter should be a federal offense.

There are more than a few glitter-glue tutorials online, but I have to disagree with most of them. They are always carting out a big ol’ bowl of glitter that poses nicely for photos, but isn’t very practical. We’re only painting a phone case, here, so I don’t need a lot of glitter-glue. Put a dollap on a tupperware lid next to a nearly-equal pile of glitter.

I even used just a blob of glue, then mixed white glitter into one side of the blob, and my other glitter colors into the other sides of the blob. Stop wasting glitter, internet!

Apply the glitter-glue to the phone case, starting with light colors first.

Working with the lightest colors first will make mistakes much easier to fix.

Here is what the dried first layer will look like:

DIY Glitter Phone Case
Let dry overnight. Here is what the first layer of dried glitter looks like.

Not quite solid coverage, so we’ll hit it with another coat:

DIY Glitter Phone Case
Push the second layer of glitter onto the first, filling in any gaps.

The second coat is more about filling gaps. Use a stiff brush to push the grainy glitter mix in there like you’re filling holes in concrete. I’ve never done that before, but this is how I picture it. Don’t let this layer dry before applying your magazine cut-outs.

Now that my ‘beach’ is in place, I can start adding my magazine cut-outs. I put a bit more glue on the spots where I was going to place my pieces, because the glitter-glue was still bumpy. I also swiped the back of each cut-out with glue. Push these into the wet glitter-glue a bit to sink them in.

Let this dry completely, then come back and add a coat of decoupage glue to the tops of your cut-outs, and about 1/8″ away from them. The goal here is to create a seal around each piece. Let dry, then add a second coat. If you’re particularly rough on your phone cases, come on back for round three. Let dry at least two days before you use your phone case.

DIY Glitter Phone Case
Rain Blanken’s finished decoupage glitter phone case.
DIY Decoupage Necklace

DIY Decoupage Necklace

DIY Decoupage Necklace
Cold as Ice Project DIY

High above the street, on the 3rd floor of the M & J Trimming flagship store, designer Michelle Levy was revealing the next Project DIY set to me. My eyes lit up with instant inspiration, and Michelle and I were soon excitedly swapping design ideas.

Rain Blanken and Michelle Levy
Rain Blanken and Michelle Levy

It was Fashion Week in New York City, so my brain was already spinning with inspiration by the time my mother and I had ducked into the 6th avenue store. Inside, things had only gotten worse for me. From ceiling to floor, M & J Trimming was a mecca of all things craft. Picture the New York Pubic Library, with books towering above in all directions, tucked away in every available space. Now, turn all of the books into feathers, buttons, beads, lace, and fabric. That’s the M & J Trimming store in Manhattan.

MJ Trimming NYC
MJ Trimming NYC photo by Rain Blanken

So, after being hit in the face with Fashion Week and the cavernous possibilities downstairs, I was ready to word-barf all of my ideas in the studio room with Michelle. She showed me a mock-up with a blank acrylic plate and all of the jewels included to decorate it:

DIY Decoupage Necklace
Pieces included to make the Project DIY statement necklace

By the time I had left the studio, I had so many ideas for my own Cold as Ice statement necklace. But, not every week can be as magical as Fashion Week. Back home, I had ten more projects to complete, and then our car met it’s demise via a patch of ice on the road. I was not looking forward to participating in anything named ‘Cold as Ice’.

When I finally opened my Project DIY Cold as Ice box, all of that inspiration came flooding back… and all I could think was spring. Check out how I turned my winter misfortune into a spring rejuvenation with the Cold as Ice project:

DIY Decoupage NecklaceI had never expected that a ‘Cold as Ice’ project could putt me out of the winter blues, but it turned out to be just what I needed. See how I made my Cold as Ice DIY Decoupage Necklace at…