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NYFW: Vogue Runway Retreat at Bar Boulud

Rain Blanken Vogue
Rain Blanken at the Vogue offices.

I hadn’t expected to be in NYC this Spring to catch some inspiration for next fall, but luckily, I was able to get to the city with my mom for a few days of fashion craziness. This was a really fun trip for just my mom and me- we hadn’t yet been on a trip with just us.

Vogue Runway Retreat

Amid designer interviews, sightseeing, and a few runway events, we had an exciting evening on our schedule: the Vogue Runway Retreat VIP party! I met a lot of fashion bloggers, had a few drinks, and even found my way to the makeover chair.

Usually I’m the one face painting at parties, so this was a change of pace for me.

Rain Blanken at Bar Boulud
My first makeover in a bar!

See all of my photos and adventures inside the Vogue Runway Retreat in my article at About.com…

Attending Fashion Week in Style

Dressing for Fashion Week

Dressing for Fashion Week
Dressing for Fashion Week
Above: Me pretending I can afford this bag at the Vogue Runway Retreat during Fashion Week, February 2014.

When I found out I would be in NYC for Fashion Week, I experienced a phenomenon that I wasn’t really used to… when I vacation, I usually choose my most comfortable shirts, a few pieces of fun jewelry, and a nice sweater. Okay, I usually vacation at Walt Disney World, so there are some fairly ridiculous hats in there, too. I’d never been on a trip that centered completely around fashion before.
Dressing for Fashion Week

Above: Coat #1 that I packed just in case., good enough for both sightseeing and arriving at Gordon Ramsay’s London Bar in Manhattan.

Dressing for Fashion Week

Above: Coat #2, Awesome 70’s Jacket. Great for subway trips with my awesome friend Aaron Gold and my mom, as we accidentally sought out one of the best places I’ve eaten, Jeepney. But that’s another adventure.

My crash course in hob-nobbling with the fashion elite has culminated in my top tips for attending NY Fashion Week on a budget. These are just a few easy, no-fail solutions for those of us who don’t have the moolah for a high fashion lifestyle.

See the full article on About.com: Fashion Week Dress Code: Tricks for NYC Style on a Budget

Celine Shoes

DIY Celine Heels?

Weird Celine Shoes
Rain seeks to uncover the secrets of these weird Celine heels.

These incredibly weird shoes made their debut on the Celine runway last fall, and are sure to inspire some of the looks we’ll be seeing in stores this spring. In my heart of hearts, I wish that I could give you some kind of excellent tutorial on how to make these for yourself… but any advice I give you would fall as flat as a Pinterest cake recipe.

Celine Shoes
Looks like a bathtub knob and a floaty goo thing from Spencer’s.

Celine Shoes 2014 Style
Celine Shoes 2014 Style with geometric heel.

Okay, maybe I could make the following pair by screwing a draw pull into the toe of a shoe, but it would take a bit of special engineering to make it look right:

Celine Shoes
Celine Shoes with a case of the crazy toe. Golf ball and rock. I’ve got this.

After a short bit of brainstorming on Twitter yesterday with @diycouture, I came up with a possibility to substituting the heels of these shoes with a ball, or other small object:

DIY Celine Heels
DIY Celine Heels?

This is a sketch I quickly drew up and snapped a photo of, so sorry for the quality. I’m thinking that the object you use to make the substitute heel would have to be smaller than the height of the heel. Otherwise, It would have to be the exact size. Too large, and the heel will tilt forward. But a smaller object could be paired with a number of spacers.

I think that maybe you could use flat wooden beads sandwiched with cut pieces of stiff felt to build up the rest of the height until you’ve got the right size of heel.

What do you think? Could it work?

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Fashion is like Moonshine

Why High Fashion is Like Moonshine

Think of it this way: High fashion is like moonshine. While some of us prefer this potent folk drink from jar-to-mouth, others take just a bit in juice; garnished with fruits skewered on a fancy umbrella. The former is for the slightly insane (myself included), often with hilarious results. The latter is suitable for the happy hour masses.

While we were all tucked into our beds last night here in the states, James Long was doing this on a runway in London:
Fashion is like MoonshineThis is James Long’s offering at The London Collections: Men Autumn/Winter 2014, akin to 100-proof corn liquor. When it comes to fashion on the runways, we have to keep in mind that there is more going on than meets the eye. High-fashion runway styles are an art form; they are meant to inspire creativity and strike new chords in the fashion world.

Fashion is like Moonshine Fashion is like MoonshineEventually, elements of even the most un-wearable of high fashions translate into ‘ready-to-wear’ fashion (which is just what it sounds like). Styles like these strange jackets and weird shirts from James Long will be seen color and cut choices in our wardrobes next year. But they will look nothing like the concentrated grain alcohol of James Long’s imagination. The looks we see would be comparable a trendy Manhattan bar’s pink ‘Glamazon‘ cocktail, with notes of moonshine swimming in grapefruit juice.

Fashion is like MoonshineAn interesting fact about moonshine is that the purest of brews will never result in a hangover. Just like high fashion runway styles… they stay on the model and down the runway- no harm, no foul.

The same can’t be said for cocktails, though… once mixed with common ingredients, you’re in for a rough morning-after. Like when parachute pants made it into department stores. That’s a hard one to look back on, isn’t it?

So do you drink your high fashion from the jar, or blended in your Hairy Buffalo?

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